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Grecian Lodge

If you are looking for the next quantum step in your personal growth and development, then you should consider becoming a Freemason.

Our Lodge meets in London four times a year on Saturday afternoons. If accepted and you then dedicate the time, over the future years you will flourish in the environment we provide.




About ‘Grecian’

Determined to create something a cut above the rest, our Lodge has become one of the premier Lodges within Metropolitan Grand Lodge (London Lodges).

This  means that there is a waiting list for membership, but experience has proven that it’s an opportunity worth waiting for.

The ‘Steps’


Following a successful interview your first step is ‘initiation’ into the mysteries and privileges of the Craft. Once initiated you are invited to take your next steps and later become an officer of the Lodge, potentially making your way to becoming Master.


Without doubt, the Mastership of your Lodge is the highest honour the Lodge has to confer on any of its members. It is truly the pinnacle of your membership of the Lodge and you will find yourself amongst peers. Your family too, will be invited to share in your recognition.

and then. . .

Craft Masonry is about self-understanding, self-worth and about making a difference. Once you have proven your worth, you are entitled to apply to join other Masonic Orders where you are enabled to further explore your relationship with your fellow man and with your spiritual self.

Our ‘Journey’

Steve Howes

“I joined Freemasonry simply because I was invited to do so by someone whose opinion I greatly respected. Having joined, I don’t regret a single minute. Freeemasonry is a way of life and it’s time to give something back to both the junior members and to the community as a whole. Craft masonry enables this for me.”

Chris Hall
(Network Designer)

“There’s nothing like getting stuck in and doing your best to make a meeting go really well and I love working with the officers to make an evening extra special. This is only achieved through hard work and dedication, but always pays off in the end.”

Adam Scott
Director of Ceremonies
(Cab Driver)

“I enjoy the challenge that Craft Masonry poses me. I’ve watched friends and strangers progress and have done my best to assist them at all levels. Their success is my success.”

martyn Probert
Charity Steward
(Corporate Manager)

“I love what Freemasonry offers me. I relish responsibility and love to encourage others by example. I also enjoy the spiritual aspect of Chapter which is one of the other Masonic orders.”